Chandelier Heating

Chandelier Heating.

We’ve developed our efficient chandelier-style infrared heaters to integrate with a wonderfully ambient lighting system, in keeping with the heating and lighting requirements of difficult to heat or intermittently used buildings. Infrared heat is not affected by drafts and only heats those people within the radial diameter of the lamps fitted in each chandelier. So not only is it very targeted it is also exceptionally cost efficient. Couple this with subtly designed chandelier low-energy lighting and you have an incredibly effective heating and lighting system.

We will quote for part or complete installation of a heating system by our own qualified NICEIC / ECA team of installers.


  • Electric Heating Solutions’ latest infrared technology
  • Chandeliers from 4.5 to 18kW (with or without lighting)
  • A range of colour options for chandelier body
  • Often lower installation costs and lower running costs compared with boiler systems
  • Immediate effect (up to temperature in 1 second)
  • Short pre-heat required
  • Dry heat does not heat the air or cause condensation, they do not lose efficiency to damp or moist atmospheres
  • Silent operation
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Average lamp life 5,000 hours
  • New Gold lamps give low-glare and no colour on floor
  • No fumes or smell
  • Instant warmth
  • Many Designs and Power Ratings Available
  • Also available is a wall mounted half chandelier to match the design of corresponding overhead chandeliers
  • Ideal for suspending from the arch to give all round heat in nave & aisles, or from apex of the roof, if no side aisles?

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Chandelier Heating and Lighting