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Portable Carbon Infrared Heater Up To 1800W 4 Settings
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Portable Carbon Infrared Heater Up To 1800W 4 Settings
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Veito Heaters heat just like the sun. They do not reduce humidity or oxygen content in the air. The heater starts to heat as soon as it is switched on and does not waste energy in vain by waiting. Only objects gets heated not the air around the objects. That is why veito carbon infrared heater is energy efficient.

Veito Heaters are ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces such as gardens, restaurants and pubs. This particular heater wont look out of place standing in the room as it has a stylish modern look. It does not occupy unnecessary place with its suitable ergonomic design for narrow spaces.


With the periscopic remote control the heat levels can be controlled from a long distance and wide course.ÂÃ' Ã‚Ã' 

There is an Electronic temperature control from 1 to 4 that will automatically regulate theÂÃ'  power consumption based on your set temperature thus eliminating annoying hot and cold cycles.

The 4 Heating capacity levels are (1)ÂÃ' 900WÂÃ' (2)ÂÃ' 1200WÂÃ' (3)ÂÃ' 1500WÂÃ' (4)ÂÃ' 1800W.

Should the heater be accidentlyÂÃ'  knocked over and not in the full upright position, the built in safety system will automatically shut it down.

If the heater exceeds temperature requirements, it will automatically switch itself off.

When the timer is set, the heater will automatically shut down at the end of the determined time.

With the lightened aluminium body and built in carry handle, it can be easily carried to be used in different usage areas.

The Adjustable stand allows the user to choose a height that is suitable for the room.



  • Heating capacity: 8000 BTU/h
  • Power: 900 W - 1800 W
  • Space for use: 20 m2
  • Power supply: AC 230V 50/60Hz
  • The Heater height free standing starts at: 900mm and opens up to 1350mm
  • The Heater width is: 170mm
  • The Round Base is: 400mm
  • Product weight is: 2.8 kg
  • Safety device: Tip over protection, overheat protection
  • Controlling method: Push button control and remote control
  • Controlling function: Automatic temperature control, 4 power settings, off timer
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