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EHS G-Series, Sleek Elegant Glass Fronted Panel Radiator - 2kW Black
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EHS G-Series, Sleek Elegant Glass Fronted Panel Radiator - 2kW Black
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New for Winter 2013 the EHS G-Series, sleek elegant glass fronted panel radiator, a modern alternative to traditional style panel heaters. ÂÃ' Simple in design combined with leading edge performance. ÂÃ' The Slim line Glass panel heater combines stunning looks with state-of-the-art LCD touch screen design, with three variable heat settings, electronic timer, thermal cut-out and overheat protection. This innovative range of the G-Series surpasses all traditional design criteria to give you an attractive heating systemthat demands and istailored to meet today's demands for energy efficiency heating.

The glass front combines a stunning contemporary look with highly efficient radiant heating technology. ÂÃ' Combining radiant and convection heating this benefits you by providing a direct flow of heat from the glass front with even distribution of warmthÂÃ' from the convector heater, providing a comfortable heat throughout the room. ÂÃ' 

Fitted with a glass front is a steel cased high quality convector heater, with a state-of-the-art electric element. ÂÃ' Convection works by drawing in air through the bottom vent and then heating it as it rises through the body. ÂÃ' The warm air is distributed through the hidden top vent. ÂÃ' Ã‚Ã' No moving parts such as fans are needed with convection technology making it silent in operation and this ensures a 100% efficient and economic heating solution.

  • Elegant slim line glass front finish in black or white
  • Made with tempered glass panels.
  • LCD thermostat & touchpad control
  • 7-day, 24-hour timer
  • Digital thermostat
  • Built-in automatic day and night temperature reduction is standard.
  • Temperature Display
  • Power ON / OFF switch at the side panel
  • Convected heat for rapid warm-up.
  • Silent in operation.
  • Nighttime temperature reduction.
  • Pre-set background temperature at 5oCËÃ'š
  • Safety cutout
  • Wall mounted or freestanding
  • Supplied with wall mounting brackets & feet that can be used to make the heater portable
  • Fitted with a three-pin UK mains approved plug &1m cable on the right hand side.
  • 5-Year Guarantee
  • CE Approved

The G-Series can only be mounted horizontally on a wall. ÂÃ' ItÂÃ' cannotÂÃ' be rotated and mounted vertically. ÂÃ' 

  • Model Number âÃ'€Ã'“ EHS-G20B
  • Rated Voltage âÃ'€Ã'“ 240V-50Hz
  • Rated Power âÃ'€Ã'“ 1000 / 2000w
  • Dimensions: W 860mm x H 470mm x D85mm
  • Weight âÃ'€Ã'“ 9.8kg
  • Thermostat âÃ'€Ã'“ LED
  • Colour - Black


To work out the running costs, please contact your electricity provider to confirm the hourly tariff in kilowatts per hour. ÂÃ' 

For example, if you are paying 10 pence per kilowatt-hour, then a 1000W heater will cost 10p per hour to run. A 2000W panel heater will cost 20p. ÂÃ' 

EHS G-Series, Sleek Elegant Glass Fronted Panel Radiator - 2kW Black
EHS G-Series, Sleek Elegant Glass Fronted Panel Radiator - 2kW Black
EHS G-Series, Sleek Elegant Glass Fronted Panel Radiator - 2kW Black
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