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Central MBS Controller
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Central MBS Controller
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The Prefect PRE2000 central MBS controller connects directly to your own PC through a spare serial port, once connected the system's software provides a simple "drop down menu" allowing you to programme times and temperatures by zone or individual room.
The maximum number of zones possible in a system is approximately 1000. The system communicates by injecting digitally encoded radio signals along the neutral and earth conductors of the building mains network, so the installation could not be easier.
Signals are picked up by intelligent receivers located in each zone, which are set to respond to their unique electronic address, thus avoiding confusion.
The "reach" of the system gives it wide potential for applications in hotels and residential blocks housing students, nurses, or military personnel. The 2000 has also been designed to interface with Facility Management software (say hotel PMS systems) making the system truly flexible and a very effective energy manager. 




  • PC Based Central Control Unit providing remote time & temperature control for all applications
  • Remote receiver adjustable temperature range: setback level 5-19°C; boost level 16-25°C
  • Temperature accuracy : 1°C
  • Time setting : 0-2 hours
  • 1 to 1000 plus receivers on one controller
  • Communication route MBS on existing neutral/earth conductors at 125-140kHz (Band C)
  • Lvd and Emc Compliant
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